Vinyl Banners

Inspired Printing has the knowledge, experience and know-how to produce banners of all shapes, sizes and materials. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to design, create and innovate custom banners on a daily basis—any cut or finish.

Heavy Duty Outdoor single sided or double sided, Vinyl Banners are water resistant & UV resistant. Hi-Res Vinyl Banners are very popular in RETAIL stores, walkways and exhibition spaces. We can even add eyelets to corners or heavy-duty aluminium hanging strips for display purposes. Printed at a very high quality, specifically for signs, Vinyl Banners can be viewed up close or from a distance.

Offering a wide range of printable materials consisting of many different varieties of vinyl. One sided or two-sided options, Light Box vinyl’s illuminated for back or front lit banners, scrim banners or scrimless.

We can print any size, big or small. In a single pass we can digitally print massive, seamless banners that are infinitely long and up to 5m wide with stunning print clarity.

For bigger solution speak with one of our account managers for BILLBOARDS

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