Powerful Retail CampaignBuilder Management Technology!

The CampaignBuilder module adds a level of sophistication and transparency to campaign management that will exponentially simplify this difficult and time-consuming process!

The Campaigns module provides a complete quoting, production, packing, and distribution process for a campaign workflow in which every order needs to be hand-packed, and then signed-off on state of-the-art packing lists before dispatch. The module helps ensure all campaign elements get where they need to be, when they need to be there. It also provides total transparency and peace of mind to marketing teams as every item is scanned and accounted for before it is dispatched. This also minimizes errors in a fast-moving retail environment.



Inspired Print CampaignBuilder

Inspired Print Campaign Builder ensures our internal teams run a campaign from conception to completion. It allows an operator to easily quote on the production of the total quantity of each item in the campaign, and then distribute various elements to multiple addresses and locations. This allows for an easy production path for each and every element.

By utilising the job thumbnails the module will automatically create the picking/packing sheets for each specific delivery. This process alone will save hours of manual sheet creation (and the labour cost that goes with it!).

Every job, or part thereof, is barcoded and can be distributed to various barcoded locations within the factory. Products can be scanned into a specific location in any part of the mapped factory.
This provides easy tracking of each and every part of a campaign.

The rigorous quality control process means every order is hand packed, with each item checked for quality and then signed-off, either digitally or manually, on the state-of-the-art packing lists
before dispatch.

The Campaigns module will revolutionises the way companies manage multi-part, multi-delivery campaigns.


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