Inspired Printing has provided Australian businesses with innovative printing solutions for over 20 years.

For two decades we have fostered an industry-wide expertise that has solidified our reputation as a premier printing and installation service for some of Australia’s leading brands.
Our dynamic, innovative approach to meeting industry demands has seen Inspired Printing accelerate the progression of traditional printing practices into the 21st Century.

Distinguished by the agility and immediacy of our service, we pride ourselves on our pace of turnover and an efficient production cycle that is critical in the retail climate. The availability of our management team, and the accessibility of our web-to-print online services, allow us to address clients’ needs promptly and attentively. We have established the processes that allow us to deal with retailers and stakeholders directly, so that Inspired Printing remains the most cost-efficient print management solution.

Our services are as vast as they are fast. We apply our experience and expertise across multiple industry disciplines, to both large format and digital printing, so that clients may rely upon Inspired Printing to meet their end-to-end printing needs.

Dedicated to delivering quality on every project, regardless of scale and budget, we employ a team of professionals and ensure that we use only the latest technology and equipment.

From design to distribution, from business cards to large scale retail signage, our customer service remains immediate, personal and customised, to achieve a final product that exceeds your expectations, but not your budget.


We continually invest in the latest technology and equipment so that our dedicated team of staff can guarantee excellence in all our work.


We maximise the efficiency of our production cycle to provide an agile, end-to-end service that is delivered on time, every time.


We have spent 20 years innovating the most cost-efficient practices, and guarantee that our products and services are directly accessible to our clients, with no hidden costs, and no middleman.

Our Corporate Services

& Quality Procedures


Before We Print

  • We never commence a print job without providing you with a clear, detailed quote of the work, outlining the print specifications and the services we are providing plus printing charges.
  • We always explain different options and services if required/requested
  • We will make suggestions as to the optimum way your job can be produced.
  • We send you samples of different stock materials for you to choose from.
  • We will provide constant feedback of our discussions and will converse and confirm all details with you in writing.
  • We will visit you. You do not need to come to us (unless you want to of course, we love visitors).
  • When you choose to go ahead and produce a job with us we will ask for a signed quote and the print ready artwork.
  • We will ask for your deadline for delivery and your delivery details/
  • We explain everything you need to know about your printing project up front so there are no surprises and no hidden charges when you are printing with us.

Pre-press & Flight Check

From the moment your file arrives with us the pre-print team begins to do a flight check ensuring the file is correct and will meet our high specifications.

We then run through an additional list of technical issues that may impact on our ability to produce a quality product for you.
These checks include looking for those little problems such as bleed, ink densities, embedded fonts and image resolution.

Then your files are double checked by the best ripping technology on the market – just to be safe.

Tracking Process

Inspired Printing provides its clients with a day to day Work-In-Progress (WIP) report allowing full understanding of where the job is currently at and at what stage of the production cycle the job is at.

Our online workflow system, SynergyNet also provides online progress reports on all online projects.

When We Print

  • Your quantity is confirmed and checked – we often deliver “overs” or “extras” for free
  • Your paper stock is confirmed and checked.
  • Your printing specifications (size, ink colours, folding, packing) are all confirmed and checked
  • We will send you a proof (and a mock up if required) for your approval before the job goes to print.
  • We will keep in touch and communicate with you at every stage of the process.
  • Your finished print job is confirmed and quality checked at multi-stages throughout production
  • We will check the quality of your job before we deliver it to you. We will not send out sub-standard work.
  • Your job is packed carefully and safely – this too is quality checked.

After We Print

  • Your Delivery instructions are checked and confirmed ensuring weights and dimensions for your shipment are correct.
  • Completed Shipping documents are prepared
  • Tracking and Delivery Confirmation is provided – we will confirm delivery with you and track the job the whole way.
  • After your goods are delivered we will ring or email you to confirm that you are happy.
  • We guarantee the quality of all of our work and we stand by it.
  • If you do not have room to store your printed items we can store them for you.
  • We can then manage delivery of the goods at a later date when you order them online via our online workflow system, SynergyNet.

Building for the Future

Meet Marco! Marco is a trainee who has joined our team at Inspired Printing as part of Victoria Polytechnic’s Youth IT Careers Program.  A welcome addition to our company, Marco has helped implement our unique workflow system that continues to propel the printing industry into a future enhanced by IT.