Zara Australia

Chadstone Shopping Centre

At Inspired printing we've been helping some of Australia's best companies and brands visually connect with their audience for over 25 years.

Inspired Printing was excited to be part of a major release for Zara, launching a new cosmetic range at a flagship store at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

The project required us to carefully print specific Pantone Matching System (PMS) transparent colours on optically clear window decals for both the men’s and women’s stores at Chadstone. These colours needed to pass stringent quality control by both the brand owners in Spain and the Australian custodians of the Zara brand.

Timing was everything to achieve the perfect delivery of this major project, with an extremely short timeline – only 12 hours to install over 300 square metres of vinyl on every window at the Chadstone stores. Everything had to be precise, from the initial site measure colour samples, print planning and equipment hire, to the installation component.

The final result was spectacular. “WOW!” was the oft-repeated comment of the day from customers, staff, shopping centre employees, and Zara representatives alike.

Another successful project, delivered by Inspired Printing.

The works entailed:

– Window signage
– Installation

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