Circular Seating Decal – Don’t Sit Here

These circular seating decals are designed for social distancing are the perfect size and colour to attract the attention of your customers.

Our Social Distancing Floor Stickers are printed on vinyl with non-slip over laminate and have a R11 slip rating.

  • Available in packs of 5, 10, 20, 50 & 100
  • 150mm die cut circle
  • Full colour print on vinyl with non slip over laminate
  • R11 Slip Rating

Suitable for public seating areas, public transport, medical centres, hospitals, schools, cinemas and reception areas.


  • Every surface is different, it’s recommend you contact us if unsure which decal option would be suitable for your surface.
  • We also recommend that you trial the product on the intended surface.
  • Surface must be completely dry prior to installation.
  • Surface must be clean (remove dust/dirt shrapnel from the surface area prior to installation).
  • If cleaning products are used prior to installation area – please allow 1-2 hours for area to completely dry and to degas.
  • Once decal is installed it cannot be removed and re-applied. Only peel decal off the when wanting to permanently remove.
  • Slight color variation may occur between the 3 varieties of floor decal options given the different stock material used to print on.

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