Unfortunately, this is a site we see all too often. Bubbled finishes, peeling edges, incorrect dimensions – all signs that a hoarding decal has been printed and installed without the necessary quality and expertise.

Hoarding Decals present, quite literally, a huge opportunity for brand awareness. Days, weeks, and even months before opening, brands are able to introduce themselves to their new location by advertising on their construction hoarding. Like all advertising, hoarding decals reflect the brand itself, and quality is paramount.

So, what should retailers look out for when choosing a hoarding decal provider?

Speed of Delivery
Retail and real estate are incredibly fast-paced industries that often require next-day turn-around on print solutions. With tenants in and out of premises within a matter of hours, it is critical that the print, distribution, and installation of the hoarding decals is delivered by a team that has the agility to match these demands.

Inspired Printing has the printing power and service capabilities to deliver next-day decal solutions. Our Art Department is experienced in working with agencies, quickly and effectively translating images and graphics into compatible formats. Costly oversights in hoarding measurements often cause delays, but our team is able to pre-empt common inaccuracies and ensure prints are delivered with the correct dimensions. Finally, our staff are inducted at all major shopping centres. With pre-approved insurance permits, licenses, and documentation, there are zero hurdles to Inspired Printing’s timely delivery of our products.

Quality of Product
If speed of delivery guarantees a first impression, then the quality of the print determines whether it’s a good one!

The various situations of hoarding decals can mean that high demands are placed on the print itself. The size and surface of hoardings, the length of their installation, and of course the environment of their location must all be considered when choosing which material is most suitable, and of course most cost-effective.

Simply failing to recognise Teflon-painted hoardings may lead to significant problems with a print’s adhesive qualities. Non-laminated prints may appear to be the cheaper solution, but what is the value of durability? How do you weigh up the risk of re-prints and re-installs?

Inspired Printing has the experience to properly assess the characteristics of any hoarding – size, surface, exposure, and timeline – and advise clients towards a high-quality, cost-effective print solution that maximises positive brand exposure.