Case Study: LV Time Capsule Exhibition

Inspired Printing was proud to be selected to manage, produce and install a complete print solution for the Melbourne stay of the Louis Vuitton LV Timeline Exhibition.

The Time Capsule exhibition celebrates Louis Vuitton’s values of travel and innovation by presenting a timeline of rare pieces selected from label’s 160-year archive. The exhibition arrived in Melbourne following stays in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Berlin, Singapore, and Dubai, and marks the brand’s presence in Oceania for over 30 years. The exhibition was presented in partnership with Chadstone – The Fashion Capital, where it resided from February 24th to March 21st, 2018.

Inspired Printing consulted with all major stakeholders – event hosts Vicinity Centres’ Chadstone Shopping Centre, event managers Lumina Communications, and of course with Louis Vuitton’s Paris headquarters – from contract procurement until exhibition opening.

Inspired Printing were first contacted by Lumina three days prior to the exhibition’s opening. The project required both interior and exterior print products, delivered and installed within an immovable timeline. Our ability to fulfil such a multi-faceted project demonstrated the breadth of our product and service capabilities, the printing power of our facilities, and most importantly the consultative, flexibile nature of the entire Inspired Printing team.

As an internationally renowned luxury fashion house, it was paramount to Louis Vuitton’s brand that we deliver critical attenion to detail, the highest quality materials, and a guarantee on the precision of our installation.

To better enable the high-speed turn around of the project, we invited the Lumina team to occupy office space at our Inspired Printing factory while we collaborated on the print solution. Lumina were able to be in constant consultation with Louis Vuitton’s Paris Headquarters as we provided several product samples and tests directly to them. Their presence at our facility was critical in achieving such a dynamic final solution.

Product Solution: Exterior

The project required a print and delivery of approximately 250 unique window decals to the exterior wall of Chadstone Shopping Centre. Inspired Printing designed a mapping system that identified each window panel and accounted for the precise tilting of each window pane, so that the decals may combine to achieve a final large-scal galactic image. The decals were printed on specially-sourced bubble-free window Self-Adhesive Vinyl, that produced total black-out.

Product Solution: Interior
Inspired Printing’s work within the walls of the exhibition featured three key print solutions.

The collection featured over 150 Louis Vuitton items, each requiring display case product descriptions. These were delivered with vinyl-cut, frosted, and optically clear decal material that encorporated white ink in order to enhance all text and images.

A key focal point of the exhibition was the Timeline Corridor. We provided the entire timeline in vinyl-cut lettering, and used our precise installation technique to assure only the straightest of lines.

Finally, Inspired Printing were required to produce directional signage for the exhibition’s entrance. We fabricated directional signs with both 3D and vinyl-cut lettering to achieve a particularly eye-catching result.